Saskatchewan Research Network Inc. (SRNET) is a member-driven, not-for-profit organization that provides advanced information technology and collaborative leadership to support education, research and innovation in Saskatchewan. We are the Saskatchewan partner of Canada’s National Research and Education Network.

What do we do?

Through SRNET’s connection, our members link in to 112 international advanced networks in over 100 countries. Membership is open to all research, education and innovation organizations and institutions in Saskatchewan. By providing low-cost, robust and advanced infrastructure, SRNET encourages discovery and innovation within the province. SRNET is an integral piece of Saskatchewan’s innovation and education infrastructure, promoting a brighter future for Saskatchewan.

Our Future

SRNET advocates for a robust and accessible high-bandwidth infrastructure that spans Saskatchewan to support the province’s education, research and innovation initiatives. Our network fosters growth in Saskatchewan by enabling proof of concepts, testing of ideas, and the development and assessment of new applications and products, as well as reducing IT costs for our members.