SRNET's network and services fuel the engine of innovation in today's digital world.

An unparalleled approach to increasing productivity and efficiency within the province, our foundation encompasses all that makes SRNET unique. 


As Saskatchewan’s link to Canada’s Research and Education Network and shared infrastructure, SRNET helps accelerate scientific discovery by connecting researchers and fostering national and global collaboration.


SRNET bolsters Saskatchewan’s education system by connecting educators to an ultra-high-speed network and collaborative environment that improves distance learning and fosters a technology-enabled learning experience.


SRNET serves as a catalyst for technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Saskatchewan. SRNET fosters economic growth in the province by creating an environment that accelerates research and product development.


SRNET is the collective voice for educators, researchers and innovators in Saskatchewan.


SRNET is a not-for-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to strengthening the effectiveness of Saskatchewan’s educators, researchers and innovators.


SRNET’s members have exclusive access to advanced network capabilities and member-driven leadership. SRNET is uniquely focused on enhancing research, education and innovation in the province.