Significant progress has been made to upgrade our networking equipment to ensure the best connection for members. SRNET’s advanced network provides an ultra-high-speed, non-congested, and cost-effective connection to researchers, educators and innovators in Saskatchewan.

Our fibre-optic infrastructure spans 700 km across Saskatchewan and offers unlimited bandwidth to members. SRNET’s infrastructure is essential for the collaboration of our members with the rest of the world and offers specific benefits and value to researchers, educators and innovators in the province.

In Saskatchewan, SRNET has member organizations in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw. We are constantly seeking new locations to bring research, education, and innovation to, through the use of high speed networks, videoconferencing, and other SRNET services .

Worldwide Connections

SRNET members gain access to all of our network members in Saskatchewan, as well as all other Research Advanced Network (RAN) members across CANARIE's network in Canada. CANARIE connects to a worldwide network. SRNET provides Saskatchewan with a unique breadth of connections for research and educational purposes.

Relationship Building

SNRET members are on the same team as the province's best researchers, educators and innovators. Members have access to university faculties, researchers, and community educators to collaborate on new and innovative projects in the province.


Through our national partner, CANARIE, SRNET members have access to DAIR. DAIR provides members with free cloud-based computing and storage resources that help speed time to market by enabling rapid and scalable product design, prototyping, validation and demonstration. DAIR is designed to encourage Canadians to benefit from the scale, speed and agility of cloud technologies to transform their business processes and get to market faster.