At SRNET, we are continuously working to increase the value that we offer to our members. Our strategic direction is to enhance our services, enhance our network, increase collaboration among members, leverage our national partner, CANARIE, and to continue to strengthen our organization. 

Shared Services

SRNET is is focused on enhancing the shared services offered to our members. With these services, they will be able to share resources, skills, and most importantly, have opportunities to reduce costs and risks. As a facilitator in the development of shared services, SRNET enables members to derive direct benefits by keeping costs and risks low. It also acts as a neutral and respected not-for-profit third party.


SRNET's network continues to be the central and most critical shared service for SRNET, and foundational for shared services to our member community. SRNET continues to upgrade network capacity and refresh equipment to ensure high performance for our members. We evaluate opportunities to improve all aspects of our network.  


SRNET is a hub for collaboration across Saskatchewan’s education, research and innovation sectors. SRNET facilitates collaboration within its membership across Saskatchewan, Canada, and the globe to improve the effectiveness of research and the delivery of education. 

Leveraging Nationally

SRNET maintains a strong relationship with other National Research and Education Network (NREN) partners and works to ensure that our strategy is complementary to national initiatives.


Investing in our community allows SRNET to improve the research, education and innovation sector in Saskatchewan. We are working to ensure that our members receive optimum value from our organization.