SRNET links Saskatchewan researchers to the world

Our advanced digital infrastructure increases value for researchers by creating a digital environment that improves productivity. SRNET is vital for the success of Saskatchewan's researchers. By offering improved access to ultra-high-speed and advanced digital infrastructure, SRNET is contributing to the economic success in Saskatchewan. 

Our Value to Researchers

  • SRNET links researchers throughout the province, across the country and around the world through a shared high-performance network infrastructure
  • SRNET supports research by providing researchers with tools and data that enable the development and discovery of next-generation innovative ideas
  • SRNET delivers network services that provide researchers with access to high-performance computing, collaboration tools, and scientific resources
  • SRNET creates a culture of collaboration within the province that enables researchers to understand their service needs and challenges
  • SRNET provides shared computing services that enhance research productivity
  • SRNET creates an environment that enhances applied research and commercialization