August 10, 2017

SRNET is continuously working to increase the value offered to members with initiatives that are pushing beyond information technology. 

SRNET is the collaborative hub in the SRNET community and acts as an advocate for education, research and innovation sectors. With this mandate, SRNET’s initiatives are pushing beyond technology. These initiatives allow SRNET to achieve a more significant role, by contributing to the economic growth and development of the province.

By acting as a hub for collaboration, SRNET offers organizational leadership to improve the effectiveness of research, education and innovation. SRNET facilitates collaboration across the province through national research and advanced education networks. The key purpose of collaboration is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the sectors through the sharing of knowledge and data among researchers, educators and innovators.  Along with increased collaboration, SRNET is becoming a stronger advocate for educators, researchers and innovators by leading common initiatives and championing solutions to common issues. As a collaborative hub and advocate, SRNET can help support the economic growth and development of the province. 

SRNET is both a network of technology and a network of people. An example of this collaboration and advocacy role, SRNET, in partnership with CANARIE and Innovation Place, will be hosting two individual focus sessions on August 15 and August 16 in Regina and Saskatoon. These sessions will provide insight into the challenges and barriers faced by innovators and entrepreneurs. Moreover, this insight can be used to provide solutions to the barriers that inhibiting innovation and commercialization in Saskatchewan. 

For more information on the sessions, please contact President and CEO, Neil McClughan, at