Saskatoon, SK – Today, the Saskatchewan Research Network (SRNET) announced that Saskatoon Public Schools (SPS) has joined as a full member.

Chad Coller
Chad Coller – President and CEO of SRNET

“SRNET is excited to have Saskatoon Public Schools join as a member to utilize our digital infrastructure,” said Chad Coller, President and CEO of SRNET. “As a member, SPS will be able to use our network to provide a better learning experience in the classroom.”

SRNET’s digital infrastructure provides its members with an ultra-high capacity network that connects researchers, educators, and innovators around the world. SRNET also provides advanced information technology and collaborative leadership to support education, research and innovation in Saskatchewan.

“Joining SRNET will help our students and staff with connectivity,” said Jason Dunk, Chief Technology Officer with the SPS. “We will have better access to cloud services such as Google and Microsoft and with SRNET being part of Canada’s National Research and Education Network, all of our data can remain in Canada.”

SRNET is a not-for-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to strengthening the effectiveness of Saskatchewan’s educators, researchers and innovators.

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