August 24, 2017

In collaboration with Innovation Place and national partner, CANARIE, SRNET hosted two focus sessions in Saskatchewan.

The two sessions were held at Innovation Place in Regina and Saskatoon on August 15 and 16, respectively. The purpose of the sessions was to gain insight into the barriers to commercialization that innovators and entrepreneurs facing. The sessions were a large success and had a strong turnout of participants. Professional facilitator, Susan Jarvis, led the session. Jarvis drove the 2-hour sessions by pushing participants to determine the major barriers to commercialization and to find solutions to those barriers.

With help from Jackie Presnell and Mike Wosfled from Innovation Place and Peter Wilensius from CANARIE, SRNET was able to put together these sessions. The information derived from the sessions will be used by the three partners to find potential solutions to the barriers faced by innovators and entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan. 

It is the goal of SRNET, CANARIE, and Innovation Place to use the sessions to provide solutions to drive commercialization in the province.