SRNET’s Annual General Meeting took place this past Tuesday, in Saskatoon, SK. The 2017 SRNET AGM welcomed three new members to SRNET’s board of directors.


Robin Winsor of Cybera was the first to be elected. Robin is the President and CEO of Cybera; Cybera being SRNET’s National Research and Education Network (NREN) partner in Alberta. Robin, a technology leader and entrepreneur, is a great addition to SRNET’s board and brings a wide range of expertise to the table.

Gerry Miller of MRnet was the second face to be welcomed to the SRNET board. Gerry is the Executive Director of MRnet; SRNET’s NREN partner in Manitoba. Gerry, with leadership in information technology services for post-secondary education, is exceptional addition to SRNET’s board of directors.

The third face to welcome to the board is Darryl Bazylak. Darryl is the Superintendent of Education for the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Technology, facilities and oversight of 9 schools, as well as distance learning, are only some aspects of Darryl’s career. With a passion for education and improving outcomes of First Nations, Métis and Inuit students, Darryl is the third fantastic addition to the SRNET board.

In addition to board member elections, SRNET’s AGM also featured two speakers; Executive Director, Mark Leggott from Research Data Canada and President and CEO, Jim Ghadbane from CANARIE. Mark and Jim, with individual presentations, discussed topics involving the importance of collaboration and data management for the advancement of Canada’s National Research and Education Network.

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