Dr. Roger Pierson, a Professor of Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine, is an internationally-renowned leader in the fields of fertility and reproduction. His pioneering work using ultrasound and computer-assisted imaging has garnered attention from around the world. The world-class connectivity provided by SRNET, however, allows him to continue his international research from the U of S.

Dr. Pierson’s most recent project involves collaboration with partners around the United States and Europe. From his home base, the Women’s Health Imaging Research Laboratory, he receives image data for analysis from women around the world. These analyses (studying the relationship of the oocyte to attributes of ovarian follicles, the suitability of uterine linings for fertilization, and the role of uterine contractions in success of transplants) provide the clearest pictures yet of reproductive processes—pictures which will be used to guide exploration of new fertility therapies.

SRNET’s makes this work possible not only with its capacity to handle the copious volume of image data generated at sites around the globe, but also, given the time-sensitive nature of reproductive cycles, with its speed to transmit real-time information back to the project’s centre in Saskatoon. In addition, with SRNET, Dr. Pierson can collaborate not only with research partners but with international physicians and patients through video conferencing and consultation. About SRNET, Dr. Pierson says, “SRNET lets me focus on the science without having to worry about the computer stuff. And I hate worrying about the computer stuff.” With SRNET, Saskatchewan has a world-class network to handle the world-class work of its researchers.

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