June 29, 2017

Continuous work has been done to increase the value that is offered to SRNET members – with that work, is a 23-year agreement for access to dark fibre.


A 23-year agreement has been signed between SRNET and BH Telecom to provide dark fibre connections to select SRNET member locations.

BH Telecom / Flexnetworks is a non-dominant national telecom provider offering flexible, scalable and tailored solutions to include dark fibre and ultra-high speed broadband services to the Canadian market in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec. Having ~ 1000km of network and 300km of urban backbone deployed to date in Saskatchewan, BH Telecom / Flexnetworks continues to expand its footprint and is uniquely positioned to move expeditiously in providing flexible commercial industry leading connectivity in all regions. (www.flexnetworks.ca)

With a mandate to increase productivity and efficiency for researchers, educators and innovators in the province, SRNET’s dark fibre agreement aligns perfectly. SRNET Members will see an increased value with access to dark fibre:

  • Members will have unlimited access to bandwidth. As network and data demands increase in research and education, access to dark fibre will allow for these demands to be met.
  • Members will also see a reduction in present costs and will see greater prediction of future costs.
  • The dark fibre agreement will allow for SRNET to have full control over the network – leading to consistency and stability for members.


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